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The North's Leading School Photographers

Going that extra 'Smile' for over 52 years

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Our photographers work with schools to choose the best background option that complements the student's uniform and enhances the overall composition of the photo. We pay close attention to posture and positioning to ensure that students look their best and present themselves in the most flattering way possible. We take the time to make sure that the student is comfortable and at ease, which can help to coax out a natural and genuine smile. All of these elements come together to create school portraits that are truly complimentary on every level, capturing the student's unique personality and spirit.


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One of our most popular services is school group photography, which includes class groups and whole year groups. We offer both traditional and casual group options. Traditional group photography typically includes formal poses, with students sitting or standing in rows. Casual group photography, on the other hand, captures the students in a more relaxed and natural setting, such as on the playground or against a modern white backdrop. These photographs are great for creating a more personal and candid memory.

We use state of the art equipment and editing techniques to ensure that the final photograph is of the highest quality and that everyone looks their best. Overall, we understand the importance of school groups and strive to create memories that the students, teachers, and parents will cherish for years to come.